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We have built a community of great humans who strive to provide a level of care which we would want for our own families. Our team performs clinical research and hands on testing on all products and devices to ensure our our products will improve the well-being, health, and wellness of our end users- Caribbean people.

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We seek to fulfill our mission of inclusivity by providing high quality skin care products for ALL skin types and color. As the exclusive distributor of these products, MMDL continuously seeks to partner with other industry leaders to provide products and services that focus on availability, price, and quality to ensure brand recognition through an aggressive marketing strategy.

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We would be proud to partner with you locally and regionally, marketing to and educating the region on its many benefits. We would build brand awareness using our existing relationships, and media campaigns to introduce your business throughout the region.


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key opinion leaders (KOIs) recognised regionally and internationally.
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MMDL has been able to provide a dedicated distribution service to dermatologists, physicians, plastic surgeons and aestheticians within the Caribbean region. Within the first year of operations MMDL successfully captured 20% market share. Now in our 3rd year of operations we now have 50% of the market.

Countries we Service

•Antigua & Barbuda





•British Virgin Islands


•Grand Cayman




•St Kitts and Nevis

•S tLucia

•St Maarten

•St Vincent


•Trinidad and Tobago

Ous Partners


Skin Care Systems For All Skin Concerns and Skin Types




the quickest and safest laser hair REMOVAL DEVICES

Préime DermaFacial

The world’s most advanced aesthetic facial device


See deeper levels of skin


Certified Vegan Products AND NATURAL COLORING

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